Owner John McClendon & his family

Great Escapes, founded in 2001, is a subsidiary of Gordon-Scott Construction. John McClendon, Gordon McClendon, and associates focus on creating backyard resorts and escapes for residential and business clients. Our backyard resorts incorporate natural stone patios, patio covers, outdoor kitchens, arbors, stone walls, and water features along with complete pool remodeling and refurbishing. Our list of services also include complete turnkey landscape construction, such as gated development entries, perimeter thin-walls and fences, irrigation, final grade, and landscaping.

With over 100 years of combined construction and business experience, Great Escapes works with the client through open, pro-active communication at all times. We adhere to plans, specifications, and government codes and will work in phases to help spread out the cost, while helping the client achieve the desired finished product. Our policy is to provide a design that looks good, feels good, and is built to last.